Animal Husbandry

Liquid Nitrogen tanks are widely used in Animal husbandry

Liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in:

  • livestock with frozen to improve skills in a variety of livestock, cattle frozen semen preparation, survival skills, since the last century, 50 years has formed a complete shape process. The cold source of bovine semen freezing is widely used in liquid nitrogen. Granular semen in the liquid nitrogen cooled fluoride plate (PTFE), copper yarn network, aluminum plate on the drop.
  • Cattle embryo transplantation and a variety of animal in the preparation of embryonic survival
    Now more than to accept the embryo freezer, is a smart freezer. The instrument acceptance microcomputer control skills, special software, can accurately control the liquid nitrogen cast amount to assure to be frozen storage of biological products to appropriate freezing rates of cooling and freezing.
Animal Husbandry
  • liquid nitrogen super low temperature collection of microbial skills. The bacteria collection in the -196 degrees of liquid nitrogen permanent collection method, it is the principle of the use of microorganisms in the following -130 degrees C. Large fungi are fungi a important taxa (fungi formed large fruiting bodies of a kind of fungi, refers broadly to the mushrooms or mushroom), many species has high nutritional value and medicinal value, is now fungi in the development application prospect; in addition, some large fungi can probably analysis of dry plants died, to maintain the natural material recycling, ecological equilibrium has an important role, can open up application in paper industry and environmental purification; some macrofungi can rise to tree disease or infringes upon all kinds of wood products, strengthen the understanding of this kind of pathogenic fungi, to prevent and eliminate hazards.
  • Agricultural biological gene survival, Agricultural sector sources, the most world market development potential of the seed industry, will be the source of this gene pool as breeding material. Collection of seed plants, plant body material, animal reproductive cells, microbial strains and genetic engineering of plant material from five kinds of agricultural biological genetic resources.
  • The survival of liquid nitrogen vaccine, Liquid nitrogen is 80 time metaphase seedlings gradually popularized, the first is the use of type III -FCl26 with chicken herpes virus inside Houhai
  • using liquid nitrogen to treat cow nipple hole outside the mouth closed, the cattle skin tumor is more common.