Turn-key MGPS Projects

Medical Gas Pipeline System

The Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) is a key element of every hospital. It is at the beginning of a supply chain whose last link is the patient and provides vital medical gases. This involves a great deal of responsibility, which we are happy to take on for you with specialist knowledge, outstanding system expertise, and a comprehensive range of services. A medical gas pipeline system is installed to provide a safe, secure, convenient and cost-effective system for the medical gases to the clinical and nursing staff at the point of use. Medical gas pipeline system reduces the problems associated with the use of gas Cylinders such as safety, storage and noise etc.

Tailor-made solutions to meet every challenge for

  • New hospital building.
  • Refurbishment of an old installation.
  • Upgrading or expanding an existing installation.

Manifold & Control panel for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide & CO2

SOL India manifold are available in a variety of configurations and gas services for gas cylinder and liquid container applications.

SOL India control panels are available in 340 kPa (50 psig), 690 kPa (100 psig) and 1,240 kPa (180 psig) versions for whatever gas requirement you have.

SOL Air - Medical Air System

Whether for normal care, intensive care, in the emergency ward or the operating room in all the departments of your hospital patients depend on artificial ventilation. In order that the patient always gets medical compressed air in the proper quality, in the right volume, and with the right pressure, you will require a central compressed air system that satisfies the specific needs of a modern hospital.

To achieve this, it is essential that international regulations, as well as normative directives, are observed and that the quality of the medical compressed air meets the defined guidelines.

The operational safety of the installation and, consequently, the health and well-being of your patients depend on the fulfillment of all these requirements. We will help you to fulfill this great responsibility. From planning to construction and certification of your central compressed air installation, all the way up to the ongoing operation, we stand by your side as a reliable partner.

SOL Air - Medical Air System

SOL Vacuum System

The SOL lubricated rotary vane systems define rugged reliability. The vacuum pumps are a single state, air-cooled and direct driven. The compact, simple design allows for low maintenance, quiet operation, and long-lasting operation.

  • High-detail touchscreen displays vital system information, alarms and warnings, maintenance screens, and event logs.
  • Embedded web server, remote monitoring.
  • Ethernet connectivity for simple installation and networking.

Alarm System

To maintain a stable supply of medical gases, it is necessary to establish a monitoring system which surely traces the flow of invisible gas from the source of supply through piping to the section to use the gas. We have been offering various monitoring systems which are possible to grasp the information of supply source such as the amount of gas remaining in the right and left banks of the manifold and the operating condition of supply station and the pressure of the gas supplied at each area of the section where the gas is used. In this system, a supply pressure down and a supply station's malfunction are surely grasped by audio-visual tracing.

Terminal Unit

Terminal Unit

When planning your Medical Gas Pipeline System, we make sure that the terminal units are located exactly where they are needed to ensure a patient supply that is both ergonomic and suited to the clinical work flows. Different gases are needed in different hospital areas, depending on the clinical discipline and application, and the number of units provided must correspond to the processes and machines used there.

Distribution System

The role of the pipeline distribution network is to send the medical gases and vacuum where they are needed. The safety of the entire hospital is compromised without a professionally designed, installed, and maintained distribution system. Accordingly, SOL India only uses thoroughly tested copper piping with a defined degree of purity that has been approved for medical applications. The quality and performance of the entire system are ensured by professional system planning in accordance with SOL India design guidelines and international standards as well as extensive testing and high-quality installation.

Distribution System