Paper & Pulp and Textile Industries

SOL India offers technologies for Pulp & Paper industry according to the know-how and expertise concerning waste water treatments and recycling, solid treatments, cleaning technologies and innovative equipment and processes successfully installed at customer’s sites.

Textile industry concerns several processes for the production of yarn, and cloth and the subsequent design or manufacture of clothing. This industry uses many products of the chemical industry and waste treatment forms an important part of their work site.


Inerting with Nitrogen:
Inertizing synthetic fibers produced with the use of nitrogen is done to increase the shelf life before further processing.

SOL proposal includes our onsite systems (NitroSOL) to manufacture Nitrogen at customer site, whose main advantages are low-energy consumption and suitable gas flow, purity and pressure.

Waste Water Treatment:
This is a specialized, easy-to-install application dedicated to increasing dissolved oxygen content in the waste water basins. This application involves injection of oxygen in the basins using ECOJET equipment.

ECOJET increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water enhancing the microbial activities and increasing the efficiency of the ETP plants.

Advanced waste treatment processes involving the use of Ozone (O3) have been developed with technology partners and have been implemented at many facilities. These are some of the processes and technologies that SOL propose to customers for a lower environmental footprint

SicgilSol can support our customers by applying several services:

  • Monitoring, controlling and checking of plant emissions and waste better disposal technology
  • Technological support to select appropriate and effectiveness application
  • Technical support to design, install, maintain equipments
  • Detailed analysis and monitoring support during process start-up
  • Training course on gas characteristics and utilizations