Lab Generators

A laboratory gas generator is a system that delivers a continuous supply of purified gas directly to a system that requires the use of a particular gas, such as gas chromatograph, GC-MS, FTIR, ion mobility spectrometer, gas analyzer, environmental chamber, or applications requiring clean, dry gas. Laboratory gas generators completely eliminate the safety hazards typically involved with handling high pressure cylinders. Many of these lab gas generators are hassle-free automated systems that do not require tanks to change or downtime. Some models offer a compact, portable design, which is ideal for any mobile laboratory. The type of gas provided by a specific gas generator can vary from model-to-model.

Lab gas generator systems are available for the generation of many different gases including, nitrogen, hydrogen, calibration gas, compressed air, zero air, zero nitrogen, zero hydrogen, and purge gas. Aside from the type of gas generator required for an application, other key features include flow rate of the gas and operating temperatures; depending on the model.

Gas is produced using distilled or deionized water from hydrolysis, through a polymer membrane. Electrolytic dissociation separates the water into its two main components: hydrogen ready for analytical use, and oxygen that is released into the air. No acid no alkaline solutions are used in the hydrogen generation cycle. The patented automatic drying system ensures the maximum grade of hydrogen purity. The exclusive cascading option allows up to 32 units to be connected in series, producing flow- rates of up to 32 litres.

Hydrogen generators use the latest polymer electrolyte membrane technology to produce high purity hydrogen. The exclusive “No Maintenance” gas column cold dryer regeneration system eliminates all down time for maintenance that is typical of other systems on the market, assuring the best hydrogen purity at all times.


Improved chromatograph results
Run time savings of 25% to 35% without a decline in resolution.

The very limited internal volume (less than 50 ml) allows safe use of the gas generators where the use of cylinders is risky or prohibited. The application of tested safety technologies stops the unit in the event of leaks or malfunctions.

Gas generators avoid the need for expensive installation of gas pipelines from the cylinder storerooms to the labs, as well as the need to repeatedly change the bottles.

Longer analytical column life
The use of hydrogen or other gases as a carrier gas allows lower temperature elution, thus extending the life of the chromatograph column.

Lab productivity
Continuous operation 24 hours a day allows maximum lab productivity, cutting dead time for gas bottle changeover and maintenance of the drying system.