Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

SOL India produces and supplies gases (oxygen, nitrogen, mixtures), fully compliant with the EU, US & India pharmacopeia and our facilities are certified by local authorities.

Apart from the supply of Nitrogen and Liquid Nitrogen, SOL India provides applications for inerting, blowing, reactors cool-down, cryo-condensation of vapors and quick freezing of VOC for chemical, fine-chemical and pharma industries. Quality assurance of products and certified manufacturing processes are maintained as required by the customers.

Several other technologies and gas such as oxygen, hydrogen, ozone, carbon dioxide, and services are included into SOL India proposal package to help our customers to focus on their specific product.

Gas Supply:
NitroSOL has been developed as onsite solutions for cost-effective production at customer site of nitrogen at the suitable purity. Pharmacopeia compliant nitrogen produced can be used for blanketing and blowing of active ingredients, storages and filling plants to increase safety and to avoid products degradation.


Cooling applications:
CryoSOLis specialized applications where sharp and localized temperature control is achieved. Specially tailored solutions focusing on reactor cooling where high-temperature gradients are required in a short space or in a tight have been developed in accordance with customers.

VOC condensation:
RecSOLv technology is for condensation of VOC content in exhaust vapors, thus reducing the environmental impact of emissions. Expensive solvents thus recovered can be re-used to increase cost efficiency.

Solids can be cooled by using liquid nitrogen before grinding. Reduced particle-size dispersion is easily achieved along with avoiding oxidation during the process.

Waste Water Treatment:
This is a specialized, easy-to-install application dedicated to increasing dissolved oxygen content in the wastewater basins. This application involves the injection of oxygen in the basins using ECOJET equipment.

ECOJET increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water enhancing the microbial activities and increasing the efficiency of the ETP plants.

Pure Gas
Special and very high purity gas for standard and precision mixtures to be used into the instrumentation or process analysis and laboratory, pure gas for inserting and washing "clean rooms".