Ozone Technology

SOL India provides advanced solutions in water treatment and is now present in India thanks to its long term relationship with OZONO ELETTRONICA Srl. Italy and SOL Spa, Italy. We developed and optimized, during the years, some processes which use ozone as oxidant agent in advanced oxidation of polluting substances as stated by more than 500 ozone generator installed up to 40 Kg/h. Ozone, an allotropic form of oxygen, is very effective in waste and drinking water treatment thanks to its high REDOX potential.

Sewage Pretreatment
Using ozone as a strong oxidant, in the pretreatment, allows to increase the BOD/COD ratio, improving the action of biological section, present immediately after this treatment The advantage of using ozone as an alternative to other oxidation technology is the total lack of sludge which has to be discharged.

COD Refining
In the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, the substances (phenols, organic substances, surfactants, not biodegradable COD, etc.) which require strong oxidation treatment, not achievable with traditional biological treatment, are a large number. Thanks to ozone high oxidant potential, these substances are effectively removed.

Colour and Surfactant
Ozone technology in colour and surfactants removal is widely used in textile industry. Ozone is able to attack and cut the double and triple molecular bonds which are responsible for the colour. This technology is placed at the end of the traditional treatments.

The disinfection using chlorine is sometimes not sufficient, also with the dosages normally used to kill virus and bacteria furthermore, chlorine use takes to the formation of organic derivate.
With ozone, the removal of the virus is obtained in a ratio of 99,9% with low dosages and low contact time. After the filtration of the effluent, there are no by-products.


Rec-Ozone technology
The exhaust gas mix, coming out from the destroyer of residual ozone, is made by 95% of oxygen and 5% of vapor. This mix, at atmospheric pressure, could be reused in treatments which need oxygen With this technology, it is possible to reuse oxygen, without additional costs and reducing the operating costs of the whole treatment plant.