Bulk / Packages


Dewars When practical requirements in terms of mobility and flexibility are high, but applications require the use of cryogenic fluids, the most suitable solution is the dewar. Dewars enable cryogenic liquefied gas to be stored long-term, under pressure or at atmospheric pressure, in very small quantities varying from a few liters to 1 m³.

Tanks Cryogenic tanks make it possible to store large quantities of gas in cryogenic form. Basically, they are made up of two containers, one fitted inside the other. In this way, a cavity is formed isolating the gas from the external environment. Depending on requirements, the product can be drawn off in gaseous form or left liquid.


Mobile containers are, by definition, a benchmark in terms of their flexibility, and are available in a wide range of formats and technologies from SOL India, making it possible to meet all customer requirements.

Cylinders The mobile recipient par excellence is the cylinder, which is suitable for users with low and medium consumption. Ideal for having a range of products in stock, to be used according to process needs as they arise. Our cylinders have a capacity of between 0.5 L and 50 L, depending on what they are to be used for. The cylinders that SOL India supplies to its customers are approved up to a pressure of 300 bar, to maximize capacity, reduce bulk and limit the frequency with which they have to be replaced.

Cylinder bundles and Cylinder frames For applications with medium-high gas consumption, SOL India provides bundles of 6, 9, 12 or 16 cylinders, as well as horizontal bundles of up to 90 cylinders.


We operate both in tankers and cylinder vehicles in various capacities based on customer needs and requirements. In tankers vehicles, we are have two vehicle categories for sourcing and local deliveries. In sourcing vehicles, we optimize the utilization of the highest tank loadable capacities such as 29 MT, 24 MT and 15 MT to purchase liquid or to carry liquid from our plant in Pudukudi to our refiling stations such as Ranipet and Coimbatore and we call it Long Haul Vehicles. Similarly, for local delivery we normally use 3 MT, 4 MT, 5.5 MT, 6 MT, 8 MT, 10 MT and 12 MT tank loadable capacity based on the product, customer location and requirements. In cylinder vehicles, we handle different type of vehicles with different specification as required by the customer. For example, vehicle with 3 side open which is useful for loading bundle cylinders with loadable capacity of 82 nos of cylinders in one way. Similarly, we also have setup vehicle where cylinders are loaded on vertical position in order to follow safety norms and the vehicle is equipped with self crane, which is useful to load and unload the bundles without any external crane requirement.