Food Freezing

SOL India can supply a variety of freezing equipment powered by liquid nitrogen rather than the conventional mechanical freezers for ice creams, sea food, frozen food etc.

Our range of Batch Freezer offers the benefit of full cryogenic freezing or rapid crust freezing and chilling for handling and packaging of delicate or soft products. The SOL Batch freezer is an efficient freezing method that uses indirect spray for rapid freezing, and cold vapor is recirculated by means of recirculation fans. Nozzles are adjustable to cope with changing freezing requirements or items requiring slower freezing times to prevent surface fractures. Freezer controls are arranged in a user friendly, easy to operate control panel. Cryogenic spray and batch cycle time are easily adjustable for any variety of food items.


  • The Batch Freezer System is ideal where cooling, chilling or freezing of hot baked products is required.
  • For cooling or freezing applications with short cycle times.
  • Batch freezers are widely used for Catering in hospitals, schools, etc...