Energy Industries

Energy plays a key role in the development of industrial activities and energy industry is critical for several sectors like agri-food, manufacturing, transport, ICT, waste disposal and recycling. SICGICSOL offers technologies and services to energy industries covering a huge range of highly specialized applications using several gases like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, pure and special gas.

Increased utilization of energy results in a number of environmental problems like global warming, water availability, air pollution, etc. SOL supplies technologies and services to help the energy sector by reducing environmental impact and enhancing efficiency.

Fuel cells: high-quality hydrogen supplied or onsite produced using our HydroSOL proprietary technology can support electric energy production by fuel-cell. This gives a reliable energy source to back-up a power grid failure for strategic customers like hospitals and telecommunication systems.


Automotive: SOL plays a central role in industrial projects to lowering foot-print of future ways of people and good mobility by using hydrogen or hydro-methane as a fuel, both for internal combustion engines and fuel-cell driven electrical engines.

Oxycombustion: SOL’s wide expertise in oxy-combustion applications and SOLmettechnology, gained during several years of activity in many industrial sectors like metal and glass production, is now available for the energy sector to increase the effectiveness of waste-to-energy production, clean-coal and IGCC plants.

Carbon Capturing and Sequestration: Carbon Dioxide capturing technology, to be realized easier after an oxy-fuel power plant, is part of SOL expertise since our technical production sector design, build and operate several CO2 capturing plants. Compression and delivery of Carbon Dioxide for it sequestration involves special equipment which is included in SOL’s engineering knowledge

Renewables sources: as a leading industry of technical gas sector, SOL is engaged to supply Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, pure and special gas for manufacturing industries that operate in production and management of power plants based photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, biomass source of energy. SOL itself is a power company with its activity into the field of hydroelectric production.

Waste Water Treatment:
This is a specialized, easy-to-install application dedicated to increasing dissolved oxygen content in the wastewater basins. This application involves the injection of oxygen in the basins using ECOJET equipment.

ECOJET increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water enhancing the microbial activities and increasing the efficiency of the ETP plants.