Centralized Gas Pipeline System

The conventional gas supply by single cylinders suits most of the users well. Flexibility and low investments are the major advantages of a single cylinder supply. But if the gas needs get bigger, expensive machines involved or simply efficiency is to be optimized, a centralized gas supply system (CGS) is the way to go.
CGSs can be based on single cylinders, (permanently manifold) cylinder bundles or tank.

Depending on the supply form, CGS aims at the following advantages:

  • Cylinder handling efforts and safety concerns to be reduced/eliminated
  • Uninterrupted gas supply - no production lags
  • Improved housekeeping - better overview
  • All gas containers outside the production area - safety
  • Easier gas management by better control, fewer units

In cases of very limited space a CGS can be based on single cylinders. Each of the two sides of the control unit is equipped with a line of inter-connected gas cylinders. Once one side is empty, the control unit switches over to the stand-by side for keeping the gas supply up. Typically a signal indicates that the cylinders on the empty side have to get changed.

Cylinder bundle CGS

More comfortable than single cylinders is the use of bundles. Each bundle holds a number of cylinders (Typically 12) permanently interconnected. Bundles are handled by crane or by forklift only and connected to the control unit through one hose only. This decreases the handling time, effort and safety risks tremendously. The control units for single cylinder- and cylinder bundle CGSs are identical, so also here an automatic switchover on an empty gas bundle is implemented.

Depending on the users gas consumption, Cylinder/Bundle CGS can be designed as multiple cylinder/bundle designs.

  • SOL India bundles - Design, fabrication & supply of Pallets of 4 nos. each having 12 cylinders of 10 cu.m capacity.
  • Inter-connected cylinders are made with the copper pipeline.
  • The cylinders are designed and duly certified by CCOE Nagpur with required Safety Valves.
  • Each pallet is having two pressure outlet and integrated pressure kg.
  • SOL India will maintain the pallets(In case of any leakages).
  • The weight of each pallet 1100 kg.
  • The height of the pallet 2.5 meters.
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