ECOJET is one of the most recent patents of SOL Group, one of the parent companies of SOL India. It represents the latest generation of advanced oxygen transfer units where all the parts are analyzed and used to ensure the highest efficiencies and lowest running costs.

After complete study of the parameters of the waste water in the inlet and outlet of the biological basin, ECOJET is implemented to optimise the consumption of oxygen. ECOJET is designed to ensure quick and easy installation at the customer’s basin, without any modification to the existing plant. ECOJET can be used in any of the following aspects of waste water treatment:

In activated sludge processes, bacteria need oxygen to perform the biological oxidation of many polluting substances. The use of pure oxygen, in substitution of air, represents an opportunity to improve the performances of many suffering plants, thus helping them to respect the law limits on effluent parameters.


Pure oxygen injection in the activated sludge basins increases oxygen transfer and dissolved oxygen content, thus giving the following process advantages:

  • Better reduction of the organic fraction of the sludge in comparison with air processes;
  • Higher temperature in the basin due to the lower loss of the heat generated by biological reactions;
  • Lower production of surplus sludge;
  • Prevention and removal of bad odours;
  • No foams and aerosols formation;
  • Possibility of existing plant revamping.

ECOJET can be used with great results in the various aspects of waste water treatment, like:

  • Biological Basin revamping
  • N.A.D. Process (Nitrification Alternated to Denitrification)
  • Deodorization of lagoons or water basins
  • Reduction of organic and ammonia loads
  • Enhance the water treatment capacity of an existing plant.

SOL India Services:
Apart from the installation and commissioning of the ECOJET equipment, SOL India can also provide other services in to the waste water industries like:

  • Supply of liquid oxygen and cryogenic storage systems,
  • Total gas management for the customer,
  • Reusing Oxygen from Ozonation systems, if present,
  • Training of customer employees in handling technical gas and equipment,
  • Audit services, like analysis of wastewater, BOD, COD levels and optimizing the process.